Maude Tanswai is a visual artist with a particular interest in exploring the nature and elements of being. Her focus is on miniature, intricately detailed pen and ink drawings and paintings.  Utilizing technical pens, ink, gouache and Leroy Keuffel & Esser drafting tools, she combines freehand images of biomorphic structures, events and processes with source texts and found poetry.  

She received her BA from the University of California, Berkeley with a major in English and minor in City & Regional Planning.

Born and raised in suburban Detroit, she now lives and works in Los Angeles and San Francisco.



   • SMALL WORKS 2016, juried by Bleu Cease, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, NY, Dec 2016

   • SUNNY, Fouladi Projects, San Francisco, CA, Jun-Aug 2016

   • VENICE ARTBLOCK, Letelier Studio, Venice, CA, May 2016

   • DROP LEAF PRESS Featured Artist, San Francisco, CA, 2015-2016


   • MOON: Letters, Maps, Poems by Jennifer S. Cheng :: Cover Art, May 2018

   • The Art Gypsy Tales :: Interview with Sabrina Smith, Jan 2016

   • CREATIVE :: Interview with Tiger Feng, Jun 2016

   • OXALIS Volume 1: Hinge, Spring 2015