Maude Tanswai is a visual artist with a particular interest in exploring the nature and elements of being. Her focus is on miniature, intricately detailed drawings and paintings.  Utilizing technical pens, ink, gouache, loupes and Leroy Keuffel & Esser drafting tools, she combines freehand images of biomorphic structures, events and processes with source texts and found poetry.  

Tanswai received her BA from the University of California, Berkeley with a major in English and minor in City & Regional Planning. Born and raised in suburban Detroit, she currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


   • SMALL WORKS 2016, juried by Bleu Cease, Main Street Arts, Clifton Springs, NY, Dec 2016

   • SUNNY, Fouladi Projects, San Francisco, CA, Jun-Aug 2016

   • VENICE ARTBLOCK, Letelier Studio, Venice, CA, May 2016

   • DROP LEAF PRESS Featured Artist, San Francisco, CA, 2015-2016


• MOON: Letters, Maps, Poems by Jennifer S. Cheng :: Cover Art, May 2018

   • Spiritus Nara :: Collaboration with NARA Collective, May 2018

   • The Art Gypsy Tales :: Interview with Sabrina Smith, Jan 2016

   • CREATIVE :: Interview with Tiger Feng, Jun 2016

   • OXALIS Volume 1: Hinge, Spring 2015